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Angels Demons Rome is an historical tour company.
We have been giving walking and driving tours of Rome based on Dan Brown's famous book since 2001, a year after it was published. While the tour started off as an exploration of Brown's novel, it has grown to incorporate the film adaptation as well.

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With us, you follow the exact Path of Illumination that Robert Landgon uncovers in the book and movie. You visit each of the Altars of Science and the Illuminati Lair.

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As well as the locations in the book, we show you many of the piazzas of Rome, both on and off the beaten track. While the action of Angels and Demons takes place in some of the most famous and well-visited sites in the Eternal City, our tour also takes you through hidden Rome, down the streets and through the squares most people don't get to see.

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Because we are so familiar with both the city of Rome and Dan Brown's novel, there is no need for you to have either read the book or seen the film. Our tours explain the book in detail, and our guides know both the fact and fiction of Angels and Demons, so you don't have to!

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Our aim is to make your experience of the Eternal City as exciting and interesting as Dan Brown's novel and even more visually spectacular than the film. While you won't jump out of any helicopters on your tour with us, you will see Rome in her Baroque glory, alternating beautiful churches with grand piazzas and fountains, all while strolling or driving through the cobblestone streets.

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Come see the city that inspired such minds as Galileo and Bernini, and experience the mystery of Angels Demons Rome. There are other tours based on Brown's novel, but ours is one of the oldest running, and we can promise an unforgettable journey.

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